Spulen VW/Audi Wheel Spacers - 10mm - 57.1mm Hub (1 Pair)

  • Brand: Spulen
  • Product Code: WS-10012-10
  • $74.95

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SPULEN Wheel Spacers create a more aggressive wheel and tire fitment by moving your wheels and tires outwards so they fit flush with the fender—instantaneously giving your vehicle the perfect stance. SPULEN spacers allow a person to use every millimeter of fender space available and are designed for the best look and highest performance. Wheel spacers also improve the handling of your vehicle by widening the wheel track.

With SPULEN Wheel Spacers installed on your hubs, you can also run larger brakes. Spacers achieve this by providing additional clearance behind the wheel, which will allow for bigger brakes.

Made specifically for your VW/Audi with 57.1mm hubs. These spacers are CNC'D from lightweight aluminum and hard anodized for longevity and OEM appearance. 10mm spacers also feature a built in dust cap to protect your hub from the elements.

No more fighting to remove wheel spacers from your hub. All SPULEN Wheel Spacers feature relief cuts for easy removal. The 2 CNC relief cuts allow the user to simply insert a flat head screw driver between the spacer and wheel hub, removing the spacer in seconds.

SPULEN Wheel Spacers can also be combined with SPULEN Lug Bolts. These lug bolts are designed to work with all aftermarket wheel spacers for perfect fitments. SPULEN Lug Bolts are 45mm in length and can be used with 10mm or 15mm spacers. 

Includes 2 Spacers


Note: If using with aftermarket wheels, confirm fitment before installation. 


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